The School Exchange site was thought up and built by two School IT Technicians, who (whilst working amongst a large number of schools) witnessed the daily struggle for schools to purchase new equipment, furniture, resources etc, but also the unnecessary waste that inevitably happened in others when replacing the equipment. 

So by making an online community where each new sign up is vetted to ensure they are legitimately a school (or other educational institution, charity, community centre or some other non profit organisations), we thought that we could at least help lighten the burden by making it simple and safe for schools to buy, sell, donate and exchange items between themselves. Saving schools money and allowing others to find a way of disposing items in an envionmentally friendly way (as well as in some cases helping the school earn a little money too, to put towards new school equipment).


School Exchange is and always will be a free to use website, however we do have plans in the future to bring in some premium features, such as the ability to promote items you have for sale for a length of time. These costs will be kept to a minimum, and purely implemented to help us run the site. We have a number of future changes planned, a short list of some are:

  • Job Boards - Find new staff or advertise a job.
  • Services - Offer support for your local schools (lend them a cleaner / caretaker / teacher for the day).
  • Mobile Apps - Check School Exchange on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Community adverts - Advertise your facilities such as room bookings to external parties.
  • Multiple logins for one school - Allow staff to have their own logins but still assoicated with your school
  • Sponsored Categories - Allowing specially selected companies to sponsor categories, at the cost of special prices for our users.
  • much more...